Previous Technology Award Winners

WAGS/UMI Innovation in Technology Award Winners

2013 Lucas Ting, University of Washington
“Flow Mechanotransduction Response in Endothelial Cell Monolayers and Platelets”
2012 Timothy Leonard, University of Calgary
“Force Production in Lengthened Myofibrils and Single Sarcomeres”
2011 Orcun Goksel, University of British Columbia
“Meshing and Rendering of Patient-Specific Deformation Models with Application to Needle Insertion Stimulation”
2010 April Kloxin, University of Colorado
“Photolabile Hydrogels for Dynamic Tuning of Physical and Chemical Properties to Probe Cell-Cell and Cell-Material Interactions”
2009 Tapan Parikh, University of Washington
“Designing an Architecture for Delivering Mobile Information Services to the Rural Developing World”
2008 Christopher Brouse, The University of British Columbia
“Algorithms and Software for Intelligent Patient Monitoring”
2007 No Award
2006 Gregory McFeeters, University of Calgary
“RF MEMS Phase Shifters with Analog Tuning”
2005 Johnathan Burchill, University of Calgary
“High-resolution Observations of Core and Suprathermal Ions in the Auroral Ionosphere: Techniques and Results from the GEODESIC Sounding Rocket”