Western Association of Gradaute Schools

WAGS Conference 2016 – Socorro, New Mexico



New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology welcomes the

WAGS Conference 2016 – Socorro, New Mexico

58th Annual Meeting of the Western Association of Graduate Schools with a focus on Enhancing Culture in Graduate Education

March 20-23, 2016

Conference Opening Reception March 20, 5 pm

Conference Plenary and Concurrent Sessions:
March 21-23, 8:45 am – 5:45 pm†

Per request of 2015 attendees: Explosives Demonstration on March 23.


Preliminary draft of the program (PDF)

Registration: https://wags2016.org

Hotel, Travel, and Logistics Information

Destination Socorro (local and state attractions): Come early or stay after the conference to enjoy the Land of Enchantment!

The University of Utah


Whether it’s lectures, concerts, museums, gardens, or Broadway-quality theatre, campus is chock full of exciting things to do nearly every day of the year.

Northern Arizona University


University of Alaska Anchorage


The University of Alaska Anchorage is the state’s largest post-secondary institution. Located in the heart of Alaska’s largest city, the campus is nestled in the middle of a greenbelt, surrounded by lakes, ponds and wildlife, and is connected to a city-wide trail system perfect for students’ active lifestyles.

New Mexico Highlands University


New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


New Mexico Tech resides in the very heart of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. NMT focuses on STEM education, with an emphasis of student involvement in cutting edge research and design.

I truly don’t believe I could have done my work with such confidence nor developed the more informed perspectives I have without my involvement in WAGS. What a great resource we have available to us as we continue our work to inspire, innovate, and improve our graduate programs.
Donna White
Associate Dean of The Graduate School
The University of Utah

Best Practices

Experts Convene to Explore Challenges of Understanding PhD Career Pathways

Warrenton, VA — Over fifty experts in graduate education met last week to investigate the challenges of understanding the career pathways of PhD holders. Currently little is known about the full range of careers held by doctoral recipients. Since many PhD holders do not ultimately take university positions, there is a corresponding lack of information about the contributions of this population to the U.S. workforce.

The workshop, which met on September 29-30, represents a …[more]

Enhancing Student Financial Education

Today’s graduate and undergraduate students are in a much different place financially than previous generations of students. In 2012, total student debt for the first time exceeded $1 trillion. Rising debt levels can cause some students to defer graduate study or to decide that a graduate degree is not for them. At a time when public funding for education is decreasing and student debt is rising, more students are taking on debt to support their educational aspirations.

To help students learn how to successfully…[more]

CGS Launches Study of Holistic Graduate Admissions Processes

Washington, D.C. — The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), in collaboration with Hobsons, today announced a new initiative to better understand current holistic graduate application processes. With input from its member institutions, CGS will explore the implications of new technologies for achieving improvements in graduate admissions and student success rates.


As graduate institutions focus increasing attention on identifying and developing talent, the process of “whole-file” or holistic review is becoming more important. Holistic review of individual applicants is a process by which programs consider a broad range of admissions criteria when… [more]

Attrition and Completion

Attrition in U.S. graduate programs is a tremendous waste of American’s financial resources and human energies.

Increasing demand for workers with advanced training at the graduate level, an inadequate domestic talent pool, and a small representation of women and minority graduates at all education levels are among some growing concerns over workforce issues that relate to the vitality and competitiveness of the U.S. economy. Improving completion rates for all doctoral students, and particularly for those… [more]