Western Association of Gradaute Schools

2015 March Executive Committee Minutes

Western Association of Graduate Schools

Minutes 03/09/15

Anchorage, AK

Present: Linda La Grange, David Wittrock, Elisa Mattison, Laura Bender, Lorie Liebrock, Donna White, Wade Parkhouse, Margaret Everett

Approval of 12/05/14 Minutes

A review of the minutes triggered some discussion of the following items:

  • Linda will meet with Wells Fargo personnel to determine if something analogous to a Square account can be created in conjunction with our Wells Fargo account.
  • Linda and Jennifer had discussed Suzanne Ortega the possibility of CGS helping WAGS with meeting registration. We were told that there were legal issues that prevented them from becoming involved in another organization’s registration.
  • We confirmed the creation of


The minutes were approved unanimously.

The new board members were introduced:

  • Rebecca Aanerud
  • Margaret Everett
  • Kate Korgan

Lorie Liebrock shared her ideas and plans for the upcoming meeting in Socorro. The planning meeting will be 09/25/15- 09/27/15. Lorie will be sending out solicitations for abstracts.

Elisa Mattison will chair the membership committee. She will recruit the other committee members over the summer. Lorie Liebrock will chair the finance committee and will also recruit the other members over the summer

It was suggested that we open nominations for the executive committee and officers in December. This year we will be splitting the Secretary/Treasurer position into two separate positions. It will take extra time to recruit folks willing to run for these two positions.

The solicitation for the theses competitions will be sent to the members next week.

Suggestions for the Future

  • Increase the number of staff-specific presentation at the spring meeting
  • Have a WAGS recruiting table at the December CGS meeting
  • Make spring conference schedule available to CGS attendees

The meeting was adjourned.