Western Association of Gradaute Schools

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

WAGS Annual Business Meeting

Anchorage, AK

March 10, 2015


WAGS President, Elisa Mattison called the meeting to order.

She introduced the new WAGS webpage, which was just recently completely revamped.

The award for the WAGS Distinguished Master’s Thesis (STEM) was presented to Ms. Kimberly Snyder; The University of British Columbia. “Investigating the Role of Podoclyxin on Breast Vancer Progression and Metastasis”.

Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award (Non-Stem) was presented to Mr. Adam Knott; University of Victoria. “Transnational Law and Resource Management: The role of a private legal system in the promotion of sustainable development in the mining industry”.

The award for the WAGS/UMI Innovation in Technology was presented to Dr. Sidhant Gupta; University of Washington. “ElectriSense: Single-Point Sensing Using EMI for Electrical Event Detection and Classification in the Home”.

The award for the WAGS/ETS Excellence in Graduate Education was presented to the University of Calgary. “Excellence in Graduate Supervision”.

The minutes for the 56th annual meeting were approved unanimously.

The WAGS Secretary/Treasurer. Linda LaGrange, reported that WAGS had $66,178.98 in our checking account.

Elisa announced the winners of the executive committee election. Kate Korgan (University of Nevada Las Vegas) and Margaret Everett (Portland State University) were elected as members-at-large. Rebecca Aanerud (University of Washington) was elected as president-elect.

Constitutional changes:

  • Elisa Mattison asked the voting members to approve the establishment of standing committees.
    • The committee members would not necessarily be board members, but should have a board member serving on the committee as a liaison.
      • Finance Committee – would be responsible for regular external audits, monitoring the WAGS budget, and would offer ideas as to how surplus funds should be used.
      • Membership Committee – would ensure that the website membership listing is accurate, reach out to recruit additional member institutions, and coordinate social events at CGS and the Summer Institute.

The establishment of the standing committees was approved unanimously.

  • It was proposed that the Secretary/Treasurer position be divided into two distinct positions. Linda LaGrange briefly described the responsibilities as they currently stand.

The position separation was approved unanimously.

It was announced that WAGS would soon be able to accept credit card payments. We have also established a permanent WAGS email address.

In appreciation for her service as WAGS president, Elisa Mattison was presented with a plaque by the incoming president, Lorie Liebrock.

Lorie Liebrock presented information about the date and location of next year’s annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.