2009 December Executive Committee Minutes

Minutes WAGS Executive Committee

San Francisco, CA

In attendance: Margrit von Braun, Linda La Grange, Ramona Mellot, Joseph Benoit, Peter Dorhout, Moheb Ghali, Linda Lacey
The purpose of the meeting was to select the winners of the Outstanding Master’s thesis award and the Innovation in Technology Thesis/Dissertation award. The finalists, identified at the Fall WAGS Executive Committee meeting in Coeur d’Alene are as follows:

The finalists for the Innovation in Technology Award were:
Ahmed Awad El Sayed Ahmed – University of Victoria
Ross Corriden – University of California, San Diego
April Kloxin – University of Colorado at Boulder
Andres Mahech-Botero – University of British Columbia
The finalists for the Outstanding Thesis Award were:
Christopher Cox – University of Alberta
Jonathan Hammell – University of Calgary
Yegor Malinovskiy – University of Washington
Fengdan Wan – University of Victoria

We selected Christopher Cox as the winner of the Outstanding Thesis Award.

We selected April Kloxin as the winner of the Innovation in Technology Award.

The meeting was adjourned after the selection process was completed.